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We are the BODYART School, a vibrant, energetic and above all authentic global community of instructors and educators all with the same goal: to share the gift of movement for a vital, strong, and healthy life!

The educations of the BODYART School, equip you with the skills and the confidence to build a successful teaching career from your passion for fitness and health.

A unique


The BODYART Basic education is where to begin. This is the foundation of BODYART Training where we ground our knowledge of the special structure of a BODYART class – the energy phases inspired by the Far Eastern elements of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), the movement sequences, exercises and breathing techniques that optimally prepare body and mind.

If you are thinking about taking your first step into a new fitness career and turning your passion and love for fitness into your profession, or if you are a fitness trainer, health coach or therapist and you want to deepen your trainer expertise and teaching portfolio then you are in the right place!



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The BODYART Basic training takes place throughout the year at various locations in Europe and sometimes online!

The BODYART School (headquarters in Ismaning near Munich) offers at least 10 BODYART Basic Educations per year for our German speaking community in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our extensive network of franchise schools in Europe offers you the opportunity to participate in the BODYART Basic Training as well as BODYART Advanced Training in your respective national language.

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Martin Brümmer

Licensed Instructor since 2019

The training is structured and didactically up to date. All the exercises have been revised according to the latest scientific findings, which guarantees functional and healthy training, something that is very close to my heart as a physiotherapist. Your instruction manual is comprehensive, and each exercise has a QR code to a video that shows you how to do the exercise correctly, even if your training was a few months ago ☺.
The BODYART Education is more than just training a new concept. It was a journey for me personally too. The authenticity and personality of each Mastertrainer made each Module a really special experience.

Carolyn Bohnaker

Licensed Instructor since 2019

For me, BODYART and DEEPWORK are much more than just a concept or a training programme. They are an integral part of my life for which I am very grateful. The interplay of MIND - BODY - SOUL and the integration of these elements into my daily life has changed me a lot and I see the positive effects again and again in my "Coachees" and participants. So many tell me about the improvements in their health - physical and mental - and the glow they feel afterwards. It's the most beautiful thing about my work when I see people glow and reveal their unique selves.

Roland Wack

Licensed Instructor since 2018

In contrast to classical strength training, the BODYART concept, as well as DEEPWORK, the focus is not on individual muscles. All exercises and poses are whole-body exercises that train many muscles in the body at the same time. We perform each exercise with conscious concentration and special breathing techniques that give the body the time and space to counteract stored muscle tension. I see time and again with my participants how much the exercises improve their coordination and flexibility, but also how much positive energy they bring to the individual. BODYART trains the whole person, body and soul, which is why it is so valuable when it comes to managing stress in life.

Sara Düttlinger

Licensed Instructor since 2016

If you love what you do, you don't need motivation. You're driven by passion! For so many people, exercise is not about building muscle or having a defined body or six pack - it's about being pain free, injury free, having greater mobility, better awareness of body and mind and increased focus on breathing - ultimately, being healthy!!! The greatest reward for my work is when I can help people feel strong, healthy and pain-free again. Helping people to achieve a better quality of life is the best feeling.

Lee Wyser

Licensed Instructor since 2021

BODYART is a workout that is physically challenging, but you feel exhilarated and balanced inside afterwards. I love the way it transforms my mind, body and soul. The structure of the class with different energy phases, the roundness of the exercises, how the movements heal the body and calm the mind. BODYART is a fitness concept that has changed my attitude towards exercise.
During your BODYART training you will get lots of support from your master trainers. Once qualified, you can teach anywhere in the world, and thanks to an Advanced education programme, you can further develop your trainer skills knowledge.



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